Ancient healing water resource of Marmaris, rich thermomineral water at GRAND YAZICI CLUB TURBAN…

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According to mythology, in the antique history of Marmaris existed an ancient healing water resource which was accepted as sacred, as it was used by the Godess of health and beauty, Hemithea (Hemitya), to heal ill people who where running to her for remedy and were healed in a short amount of time.
As a result of researches carried out by successful geothermal engineers and series of geological, geophysical, geotechnical, geochemical and geothermal studies carried out on the site, the main faultline proved to have a high and rich level of thermal water containing; trace element, anion-cation, natural mineral, gas and radioactivity.
From thousand of years ago to present time this WATER named AquaHemithea ® brought health, vitality and beauty.

Water qualification and medical balneological description

Thermomineral water contains 5156 mg/l of total mineralisation , magnesium, chloride and fluoride.
Baths for remission periods of inflammatory rheumatic illnesses ,Degenerative joint discomforts like Ostheoarthritis ,chronic back aches ,Mysositis , Tendinitis , Fibro Myalgia syndrome , Myofascitis ache and other soft tissue diseases ,After orthopedic operations and on occasions where a person is immobile for a long period , it can be used for the rehabilitation and remobilisation as a supporting and complementary element of treatment.

Our thermomineral spring water pools are availavle at our indoor pools in our Spa centre and in our outdoor pool at B block…